Meals to Freeze

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I give Chef services as a gift?

Yes. Gift certificates are available.

How long can I store my meals?

Refrigerated (35º-38ºF) entrees should be consumed within 5 days of cooking, depending on the food type (fish within 3 days to be safe). Frozen entrees, contrary to popular opinion, do NOT have unlimited shelf life. Freezing does not stop spoiling, it only slows it down. Most frozen entrees should be consumed within 2 months to ensure quality and freshness purposes. We uses no extra salt or preservatives.

Is heating the meals difficult?

No. Clear and easy directions are left with each entree and side dish ordered.

Do you provide the containers?

Having containers that have an uniform size means less storage space is used in your refrigerator and freezer. If you decide to use this type of service on a regular basis, glass containers are the best option. . If you prefer throw away containers, for even less work on your behalf, that can be arranged too. Chef Eliana can provide high quality disposable containers to store your meals for a small fee. If there is a menu item that you would like cooked or stored in a personal casserole or baking dish, that can certainly be arranged.

Will you pick up a few other grocery items for me while you are at the store?

If it is under ten items, I would be happy to pick them up for you while I am shopping for the ingredients for your meals.

Do I have a choice about ingredients?

Yes, everything about my service is your choice. But unless you tell me otherwise, I will always choose organic locally produced and seasonal ingredients whenever possible. I want you to have the freshest ingredients that are good for you and for the environment. In some cases I will buy produce directly from the farmers markets, supporting local farmers who use sustainable agriculture practices.

How long will it take?

All of your meals are made from fresh ingredients. It usually takes approximately four to six hours to prepare, cook and clean-up, depending of the package and menu of your choice.

Why do you cook in my kitchen?

Cooking in your own kitchen serves a variety of purposes. First of all, in Connecticut health department’s rules for catering require the usage of a commercial kitchen for the food preparation and an adequate vehicle for the delivery. Also, your meals are stored when they are as fresh as possible (using proper cooling techniques); this ensures the quality of their nutrients and that your meals will be delicious when you are ready to eat them. Cooking in the safety of your kitchen and eliminating transportation provide safe, healthy and customized gourmet meals.

Will you handle everything – menu planning, shopping, cooking and cleaning up?

I know it sounds too good to be true, but indeed, you will not have to do anything but reheat these nutritious meals and eat them. That way you can focus on other matters important in your life.

Personal Chef or Private Chef?

A private chef is an employee of an individual or family and often lives on the premises. Private Chefs do 100% of the cooking — every meal, every day. This type of service is very expensive often costing $50,000-$80,000 a year.

A Personal Chef serves several clients. Usually, a Personal Chef visits the home of one client each day and prepares multiple meals for a week or two. Personal Chef Service is very affordable and is intended for busy couples and families who don’t always have time to eat healthy, wholesome food.

Can I Afford a Personal Chef?

If you consider the amount of time you would spend menu planning, shopping, driving to and from the store, cooking and cleaning up, an average week’s worth of dinners take about 20 to 25 hours. That’s 20-25 precious hours you could have to pursue your other interests, take care of your life business or spend relaxing with your family. And in most cases it is less expensive than eating in a restaurant, which includes driving to and from the restaurant, waiting to be served and coping with menu limitations.

Do I Need a Personal Chef?

Not everyone does. But if you are fed up with fast food, commercial frozen foods loaded with sodium and preservatives, or take out, then the answer is yes.

If your busy life doesn’t give you the chance to shop for and cook healthy meals for your family you should seriously consider how a personal chef can help.

Busy, career minded individuals, dual income couples with limited time, new mothers, those recuperating from illness or hospital stays – A Personal Chef can change the way you experience the dinner hour. No more rushing around, eating poorly and facing a kitchen to clean up. A personal chef will provide you with nutritious and wholesome home-cooked meals.

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