Short Term Detox Programs (from 5 days to up of 4 weeks)

Nutritious, satisfying meals made with antioxidant- packed vegetables and fruits, plant-based proteins, detoxifying cold pressed juices and smoothies, and probiotic-rich fermented foods. Menus are carefully created in order to use mostly ingredients that complies with client's beneficial foods.

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Dinner Parties

Rediscover the unique and pleasant experience of entertaining at home, offering to your guests gourmet menus that ensure to accommodate their taste and needs.

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Personalized Health Coaching Programs

Designed based on client's goals in terms of nutrition and lifestyle, sessions and classes will guide and support you to make lifelong changes.

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Meals to Freeze(from 12 to up of 36 meals)

Unique and affordable service that provides clients with fresh, healthy, home-cooked, and preservative-free meals. Food is prepared in the privacy of your home by a trained professional who is fully licensed and insured.

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Cooking Classes

Learn the basics of a healthy cooking kitchen while exploring ingredients and techniques or request a themed class of your interest. Private hands-on classes are available for groups of up to 8 people.

Private and Corporate Seminars

Exploring topics such as sugar addiction, stress management, integrative nutrition approach to optimal health and others in a fun, informative and interactive setting. Audience will be given printed information and resources along with the confidence to put changes in practice on their own.



‘’Eliana’s healthy cooking business began while helping wealthy families with food preparation back in 2001. She noticed a trend that people were not eating as well as they should, even those who could afford the best ingredients available. During that time, she found a brochure about becoming a board certified health coach while battling a severe infection herself. She had two surgeries, but received the medical diagnoses that categorized her breast infection as chronic. After extensive research on the infection diseases spectrum and the effects of food in its healing process, she changed her diet while starting a new journey at Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City in 2006.


Realizing what a positive effect these new eating habits and lifestyle changes were having on her, she started attracting other people who wanted to heal themselves through food, too. One client turned into five, five into ten, and as her business started to grow, also her interest in a more personalized approach grew. Thus CLEAN FOOD FOR YOUR TYPE was born.


The next chapter has her offering short-term detox diets, preparing personalized meals for specific diets, coaching and teaching other people how to improve their health through diet and lifestyle.’’


”Let Food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”